• Integrated Account Aggregation

    • We are pleased to offer our clients an innovative solution that allows all financial and family information to be organized and managed in one secure and private online location. With our integrated account aggregation tool, you can now easily access:

      • Bank accounts
      • 401(k) plans
      • Mortgages
      • Insurance policies
      • Car loans
      • Mutual funds
      • Brokerage accounts

      We are one of a handful of select financial advisors offering this system to our clients. It is our firm belief that this comprehensive information system will foster a clearer perspective on how the numerous parts of your financial life work together. The information is updated every night, and you can access it from any computer.

      Imagine making financial decisions when you can see exactly what your total assets are: from the mortgage on your home, to the insurance policy that protects it, to the last check you wrote on your money market account. This level of information management will help you make better, more informed decisions.

  • Retirement Planning

    • Retirement planning is generally the most important area of concern for our clients and it is the focus of our practice. Michael Kresh is nationally known for his insight and approach to planning for the special challenges of retirement in a post-recession climate. Our practice looks at more than client assets. We work closely with clients to:

      • Determine their pre-retirement lifestyle and expenses
      • Clarify their retirement goals
      • Dig deep into the specifics to determine exactly what needs to happen to achieve those goals

      Financial independence often reflects how well you have planned for retirement. We carefully consider the many variables that will impact your retirement and plan accordingly to help you achieve a comfortable retirement. Using our integrated account aggregation system will help you reach your goals.

  • Investment Management

    • Investment management is one of the key tools used during the total wealth management process. We work closely with every client, creating a personalized investment portfolio that meets the specific goals within each client’s comfort zone. We carefully evaluate your:

      • Risk tolerance
      • Tax efficiency
      • Lifestyle considerations

      The integrated account aggregation system that we offer will allow you to see an overall picture of your investments, so that decisions can be made with an eye to all of your other assets.

  • Wealth Transfer

    • Wealth transfer involves working with you and your attorney, CPA®, and any other professionals to obtain a clear understanding of your desired goals and how the proper use of trusts and other estate planning tools can fulfill your wishes. This helps you and your heirs lessen overall risk, avoid unnecessary taxes, and create your legacy.

  • Insurance Analysis

    • Life insurance, long-term care insurance, health insurance after retirement, and disability insurance are often key components to your overall financial well being. The pros, cons, costs, and benefits of the different types of insurance are discussed and addressed as applicable. Thanks to our integrated account aggregation system, we are able to gain a full perspective on your assets and how they are protected.

  • College Planning

    • For many of our clients, building retirement assets while saving for their children’s college education is a challenging fact of life. We work with you to review properly funded 529 accounts and other savings options with an eye to reaching both goals for you and your children.

  • Financial Planning For Families With Special Needs

    • Special needs planning for families with a member who is physically, emotionally, or developmentally disabled can be overwhelming. How can we make sure that our loved ones will be cared for during their lives and after we ourselves have passed away? At Creative Wealth Management, LLC, we have helped many families ensure that their special needs family members will have their needs met at every stage of life, from birth through adulthood.

      Our experience and professional expertise in the challenges facing families with special needs members has made a difference for many of our clients. It is critical that investments, insurance, asset management, and estate plans be coordinated correctly to avoid problems at trigger events. With proper planning, these trigger events—significant birthdays, the death of a parent, changes in eligibility—should not create problems.

      Special needs planning demands a clear and unemotional response to an extremely emotional family dynamic. We have assisted many families who have dedicated their lives to making sure that their loved ones are taken care of. Over time, we have found helping our special needs families to be a hugely fulfilling part of our practice.

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